What else can you do with streamers other than just hanging them?

Use alternating colors of streamers and some double sided tape to create a unique palette motif. Cover the table with white poster paper or a simple plastic table cover, and unroll streamers [...]

What is a fun new way to decorate a table?

Using jars, bowls, glasses of varying sizes and shapes and filling them with candy that is color coordinated to the rest of décor. Adds a splash of color and tastes good too!

What is a decorating item most people don’t take full advantage of?

Table covers! The inexpensive plastic table covers(that come in tons of colors) can be used so many ways. If you fold over (about a foot) of it on the long side, and then bunch and tape it around [...]

What is a fun way to hand out kids prizes/favors other than just bags?

Before you blow up your balloons, hide small favors inside…like a sticker, candy, etc. When the party’s over tell everyone to take a balloon and sit on it. Another option can be to [...]

What is good substitute for a centerpiece if you don’t want to buy something special for the occasion?

Throwing some fancy candles on the cake, and putting it out on display is always an easy one. You can also buy a piñata to make a big visual statement, and then have a fun activity for later in [...]

Any tips for throwing a surprise party?

Since the element of surprise is the most important part of a surprise party, take care to check that your party decorations aren’t at all visible from outside the venue. If you’re [...]

Plain balloons can sometimes be boring, how could you dress them up?

So many things! You can add glow sticks or confetti inside to give them a fun new look. Or glue graft pom poms on the outside. Markers can be used to write/decorate them for a more personalized touch.

Balloons and streamers seem like standard party décor, but what would be good for a more sophisticated look?

Paper lanterns are a great alternative. They come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and they are also reusable which is an added bonus.

When should invitations be mailed out?

Make sure you mail out the invitations in time. 3-4 weeks ahead of the party is a good amount of lead-time. Any less than that expect that some people are going to have other plans. Be sure to [...]

What is a universal party theme that could work for any age group?

A carnival is one idea that really is adjustable to the group. Carnival games can double as décor, and décor can be as simple or fancy as you wish. Also carnival foods come in a variety of the [...]

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